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11556 160th St, Milaca MN   |   1859 Frontage Rd, Mora MN   |    Hours: Mon–Sat: 9:00am – 5:30pm

Stinger 6.5′ X 14′

Stinger 6.5′ X 14′

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Slide Outs: n/a

Total Length: 18′
Wall Height: 78″
Axles: Single
Frame: Hand Crank
Sleeps: 2-4
Holes: 5
Siding: Aluminum
Insulation: Fiberglass
Weight: 2,940

This Stinger Ice Castle Fish House 6.5′ Edition (6.5′ x 14′), featuring 5 holes with lights, 30″ upper bunk, 30″ dinette and more (2,940 lbs.) will provide all the comfort you need for ice fishing trips, hunting excursions and camping adventures. Make it yours today with our price match guarantee at Milaca Unclaimed Freight!


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Why you’ll love the

Stinger 6.5′ X 14′

Introducing the Stinger 6.5′ x 14′, a robust ice fishing fortress that mirrors the industrious spirit of a wasp’s hive. With its single axle frame and hand crank winch system, it’s designed for the angler who, much like the wasp, is always on the move, seeking the best spots under the ice.

Step inside and you’ll find a cedar interior with a flat ceiling, carpeted for comfort, and illuminated by an LED package that rivals the clarity of daylight. Five strategically placed holes, each with its own light, ensure that you can keep an eye on your lines at all hours, just as a wasp watches over its domain.

The Stinger is not just about the catch; it’s about the experience. Wire and brace for a TV, digital TV antenna, and wiring for a portable satellite, coupled with a stereo system and four speakers, create a buzzing atmosphere where stories and laughter are shared. The 12V and 110V receptacles, along with exterior lights, keep the hive alive with energy.

For the family that fishes together, the Stinger is a haven. The 30” bunk and dinette offer restful spots for the little ones to dream about the day’s adventures. And with the warmth of the 20,000 BTU furnace, this fish house is a year-round retreat. The Stinger is more than a fish house—it’s a family’s hive on the ice, where every trip is an opportunity to build a legacy and teach the next generation the virtues of patience, perseverance, and the joy of a catch well-earned.