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11556 160th St, Milaca MN   |   1859 Frontage Rd, Mora MN   |    Hours: Mon–Sat: 9:00am – 5:30pm

Lady Liberty 8′ X 29′

Lady Liberty 8′ X 29′

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Slide Outs: 1

Total Length: 29′
Wall Height: 90″
Axles: Tandem
Frame: Hydraulic
Sleeps: 7
Holes: 8
Siding: Fiberglass
Insulation: Spray Foam
Weight: 8,760

This Lady Liberty Ice Castle Fish House RV Edition (8′ x 29′), features 8 holes with lights, 1 power slide-out in living room with 72″ jack knife sofa, 54″ lift bed above the dinette, square bay with fireplace and TV hookups above, full kitchen, full bathroom with skylight, 19′ lighted power awning and more (8,760 lbs.). Lady Liberty will provide all the comfort you need for ice fishing trips, hunting excursions and camping adventures.  Make it yours today with our price match guarantee at Milaca Unclaimed Freight!


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Why you’ll love the

Lady Liberty 8′ X 29′

Unfurl the flag of freedom and comfort with the Ice Castle Fish House 8′ x 29′ Stub Lady Liberty—a majestic sanctuary that transforms ice fishing into a luxurious escapade. This 29-foot colossus is not just a fish house; it’s a tribute to your adventurous spirit and love for the great outdoors.

Weighing in at a solid 8,760 pounds, Lady Liberty stands firm on a dual axle hydraulic stub nose frame, ready to brave new frozen frontiers with unwavering stability. Its robust build is a fortress of reliability, inviting you to venture forth with confidence.

Step inside to discover an oasis of warmth, where tan panels and rich brown cabinets envelop you in an ambiance of elegance. The towering 90” sidewalls and strategically placed holes with lights set the stage for angling triumphs, while modern amenities like A/C, Maxx Air fan, and a power slide-out room ensure your comfort amidst the icy realm.

Lady Liberty doesn’t just accommodate; it pampers. With a raised bathroom, skylight, and vanity, it redefines the ice fishing experience, blending practicality with luxury. Wire and brace for two TVs, USB and 110V receptacles, and exterior speakers with lights are just a few of the thoughtful touches that make this model a beacon of excellence.

Embrace the spirit of Lady Liberty and embark on a journey where freedom, comfort, and ice fishing adventures converge. Create lasting memories, bask in the beauty of nature, and redefine your ice fishing journey with a fish house that’s not just a shelter, but a celebration of your passion for exploration and the great outdoors.