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11556 160th St, Milaca MN   |   1859 Frontage Rd, Mora MN   |    Hours: Mon–Sat: 9:00am – 5:30pm

Grandpa’s Hideout 6.5′ X 8′

Grandpa’s Hideout 6.5′ X 8′

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Slide Outs: n/a

Total Length: 12′
Wall Height: 78″
Axles: Single
Frame: Hand Crank
Sleeps: 2
Holes: 4
Siding: Aluminum
Insulation: Fiberglass
Weight: n/a

This Grandpa’s Hideout Ice Castle Fish House 6.5′ Edition (6.5′ x 8′), featuring 4 holes, 72″ Jack-Knife Sofa, 6′ upper cabinets and more. Will provide all the comfort you need for ice fishing trips, hunting excursions and camping adventures. Make it yours today with our price match guarantee at Milaca Unclaimed Freight!


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Grandpa’s Hideout 6.5′ X 8′

Introducing Grandpa’s Hideout, the 6.5’ x 8’ ice house that’s more than just a fishing retreat—it’s a treasure trove of tales, a sanctuary from the playful chase of grandma’s rolling pin, and a classroom for the little ones to reel in their first catch under the watchful eyes of wisdom.

Built upon a sturdy single axle frame and equipped with a hand crank winch system, this hideout is as nimble as it is cozy. With four holes to bring you closer to the lake’s icy embrace, it’s a gateway to both solitude and adventure. The factory select interior, adorned with cedar trim and a flat ceiling, offers a warm welcome after a day spent in the crisp air, while the carpeted floors provide a soft playground for grandkids and a restful repose for tired feet.

The LED package lights up with stories of yesteryear, as the 110V and 12V receptacles ensure that the modern-day conveniences are just an arm’s reach away. The 6’ upper cabinet and flat panel doors with new hinges stand guard over gear and gadgets, all warmed by the 20,000 BTU furnace that whispers tales of summer during the coldest winter nights.

And when the day’s excitement winds down, the 68” jack-knife sofa unfolds into a bed where dreams are caught and legacies are woven into the hearts of the young ones. Grandpa’s Hideout isn’t just a fish house; it’s a vessel for passing down the torch of tradition, a place where every laugh adds to the family legacy, and every fish caught is a story in the making.