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11556 160th St, Milaca MN   |   1859 Frontage Rd, Mora MN   |    Hours: Mon–Sat: 9:00am – 5:30pm

20th Anniversary RV 8′ X 24′

20th Anniversary RV 8′ X 24′

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Slide Outs: n/a

Total Length: 28′
Wall Height: 90″ Sidewalls
Axles: Tandem
Frame: Hydraulic
Sleeps: 5-8
Holes: 8
Siding: Fiberglass
Insulation: Spray Foam
Weight: 7,820

Equipped with:

LEDs inside and out
Can-style ceiling lights
Wiring & Bracing for TV
Digital TV Antenna
Wire for Portable Satellite
Stereo wired to 4 speakers
Exterior speakers with lights
Lighting over the sink
Ceiling Fan
12V Recepts
110V Recepts & Exterior
And More!

This 20th Anniversary Ice Castle Fish House RV Edition (8′ x 24′), features 8 holes with lights, 1 power slide-out in living area with a 72″ Jack Knife sofa, two 80″ Jack Knife sofa, 54″ electric lift bed, 60″ bay with fireplace and window above, 19′ power awning, and more (7,820 lbs.), will provide all the comfort you need for ice fishing trips, hunting excursions and camping adventures. Make it yours today with our price match guarantee at Milaca Unclaimed Freight!

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Why you’ll love the

20th Anniversary RV 8′ X 24′

Celebrate two decades of ice fishing brilliance with the Ice Castle Fish House 8′ x 24′ 20th Anniversary edition—a luxurious beacon of excellence and innovation. Spanning a majestic 28 feet, this fish house unveils a spacious realm of comfort, meticulously crafted to amplify your angling adventures.

Weighing a sturdy 7,820 pounds, its robust design promises durability and ease of mobility. Venture confidently, knowing this anniversary edition is your steadfast companion for countless ice escapades.

Inside, luxuriate in a sleeping haven for 5 to 6 guests, ensuring restful nights amidst the icy serenity. The slide-out feature expands your living space, allowing for relaxation, entertainment, and memory-making.

Built with precision and top-tier materials, this fish house stands as a tribute to Ice Castle Fish Houses’ 20-year legacy of excellence. Dive into unparalleled luxury, functionality, and the thrill of ice fishing. Here’s to creating memories, deepening bonds, and cherishing nature’s wonders in a fish house that celebrates a legacy of passion and adventure.